Saturday, October 2, 2010

Too Hot To Do Anything

This has got to be the last hot weekend of the year! I just can't take it any more. Actually, we had a freak thunderstorm in the afternoon so it was cool after the wind and rain and lightning.

Since I have these foster dogs now, I find that I need dog towels quite frequently for various put on a car seat, to line a crate, to carry a wet dog. I need more. But the towels that I have in the shed, that were in my house when it was a furnished rental, are practically brand new. It finally dawned on me that I should take the old towels that I still use for myself, the ones I keep using even though they have holes or tattered edges, and move those to the dog pile. Then I can **gasp** get the fancy towels from the shed and actually USE them.

I know, it is a shocking suggestion. The warped frugal side of me (not to be confused with the smart frugal side) wants to keep those nice towels safe in the shed forever and use the old towels until they are the size of a wash cloth. Sometimes I can be too frugal. This will also help my attempt to de-clutter. Next weekend will be in the 80's (I hope) and The Great De-Cluttering Of 2010 will begin!


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

That is absolutely what I would do. Scrape together for ages using some old rubbish whilst keeping the nice stuff for future. I am glad you broke through the realised it was okay.
My friends mum always patched and mended her husbands work overalls until there was nothing left of them. When he died she found she had enough sets of brand new work overalls boxed up to last him another 50 years.
Sometimes you just need to let go.
Hope it cools down soon,

KoBold said...

This is my grandfather's axe.
Had to replace the handle four times and the head twice.
And yet, this is my grandfather's axe.

flower girl said...

No no no, you sound like my mother
don't even say decluter my room in
WA is trashed! O wait I want get
home in tell 2011. Ha ha ha

Daizy said...

Oh Lizzie, that is a sad story. I know I tend to do it more than I should. Then the weather or pack rats ruin it and I have to throw it out anyway. It is time to break out the good towels!

Daizy said...

KoBold, I don't think the story works for towels...haha. Ok I get the point.

Daizy said...

flower girl, are you by any chance related to me? If you are, your mother told me to declutter your room when I visit the parents...haha! Just kidding.

flower girl said...

Yes I am related to you. Hey that not a bad Idea. Ha ha ha