Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spending Spree

Oh no! I seem to have stumbled in to a craig's list shopping spree. I am getting my free dog run on Friday or Saturday and that got me looking for a dog house since it is the law here that a dog left outside must have a dog house. While I was looking, I noticed a lot of wire crates for sale and I need one because I always have to beg and borrow one. I have an extra large one but it is such a pain to carry and it takes up too much room at the adoptathons.

I bought one dog house and one crate for $35 each and then I saw another crate for only $25 and so I bought that one too. And those people were setting up for a yard sale so I ended up buying a cupcake pan for a dollar and a rubber pet hair remover for 50 cents. I guess I have to bake cupcakes for the dogs now. I would still like one more crate that is the inbetween size of the ones I have. But maybe I should stop looking before I find even more stuff I "need".

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