Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cozy And Warm

Yesterday my boss said that the office was too quiet and I should have brought a dog. So today I brought a dog. Then he complained because my dog had gas. I just can't make my boss happy!

I finally took the old tattered comforter off of my bed and made it in to a kennel blanket. It is big enough for even my biggest dog cage if I fold it right and it looks good at adoptathons to have something soft for the dog to lie on. The new comforter that I got out of the shed is a nice change but it is very warm. I think the outside temperature goes down to 55 now. Inside might go down to 65. It isn't quite cold enough for a warm comforter but at least it looks better than the old one. The new one is going to take more water to launder it too because it is fluffier. I hope it rains again soon. I seem to be going through a lot more water this year. Might have something to do with having 4 dogs and all of the cleaning and washing associated with the messy mutts.

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