Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Liking The Refunds

Tuesday was definitely better than Monday. I had to get up early to drop my foster dog off at the vet. I always think I will be able to just run in and leave them but usually it takes 15 minutes to wait until someone comes out to get them. I was 3 minutes late to work, mostly because I got lost going to the vet.

Coworkers were not waiting by my desk with work like they were yesterday. I was able to get some work done and a few things straightened out. I checked my personal email and I got a refund of the doctor bill that I paid yesterday. Turns out the insurance paid it after all. I don't like how they send a bill before the insurance processes the claim and then I never know if I am supposed to pay it or not. At least I didn't have to pay this one so I only owe myself $700 which doesn't seem as daunting as $1,100.

At 3 I had to run back to the vet and pick up my dog. My other boss was amused that I had a dog in the office again. I wonder if he will still be amused if I bring my dog in tomorrow as well. He needs some quiet recovery time. Hopefully tomorrow will be a quiet day.

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