Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dog Sighting Update

Here is a picture of what my lost dog actually looks like when she isn't a black speck on my photos. I didn't see her this morning but when I was driving down the dirt road on the way home, there she was crossing the road again. That is the third time I have seen her in that area. Tomorrow I will try to borrow a trap at lunch time.

I took my little Toto, the cairn terrier, to work with me today. My boss said he wanted him. I laughed because he is mine and he bites strangers so I doubt my boss would really want him. But gee, if he wants another dog I can definitely find him one. I see all kinds at the pound, even the little cute purebreds.

I am all set to make another mortgage payment. All I am waiting for is payday tomorrow so that I don't completely empty my bank account. These last few months are going so slow. Of course that is because I keep adding months to the end of my plan. Not too long ago I was supposed to pay it off in October, then it was November, then January, and now February. It is getting closer for sure, just not as fast as I would like.

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