Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dog Adoptions Continued

I managed to get my laundry done and take two dogs to an adoption event. I'm not sure how I did that. My 6 month old puppy got adopted much to my delight. She was sweet but jumped on me for attention and left long scratch marks on my legs. I only had her for a week and didn't even get a good picture of her. Usually I take dogs to work with me and get a picture of them in my office but she was a rambunctious puppy so she didn't get to go.

My big trouble-maker did not get adopted. I forgot that he won't walk on slick tile floors so we walked in to the pet store and he flattened himself on the ground. I had to borrow a cart with wheels and wheel him back to where we were set up. Then someone was interested in him so we tried and tried to coax him out of his crate. He finally stepped out on to a blanket but wouldn't move farther so we slid him on the blanket all the way to the front of the store. Once he was back on concrete he jumped right up. Silly dog.

I am very tired now and going to work tomorrow is the last thing that I want to do but I guess I had better so I can continue my dog hobby. I'm on foster dog #24 now. My big dog will have to wear a muzzle while I am gone tomorrow because I haven't found a new foster home for my latest un-neutered boy. I'm hoping someone will trade me for a female dog but if not I will just have to make things work until one of them gets adopted.


Anonymous said...

Maybe his nails cause him to slip on the tile? Do they need to be trimmed?

Daizy said...

Maybe. He doesn't have a problem on my vinyl or even the vinyl tiles that I have in places. He fell at my office when he trotted in to the kitchen and I think he is scared now. I can get his nails cut and see if that helps.