Friday, September 3, 2010

Ugh...More Bills

I got the mail today and there was another medical bill. This one is from the lab. I am pretty sure I saw this bill already processed by my insurance but they must be slow on sending the actual checks. Looks like after 30 days the office or lab sends off the bill to the patient just in case. I think I will wait for the second notice on this bill too. I don't have $330 that I can have tied up in limbo waiting for the bills to figure themselves out.

And now, after I am almost finished with all of my medical visits (only 2 follow-up visits left), I got an email from human resources today. They are changing our insurance provider. No more PHCS. As of October 1st, I have Cigna. I looked up all of my doctors to see if they are on the preferred provider list. My dermatologist who was out of network before is now in network! Yea! At least I think it is a good thing. I got a great cash discount before. I guess it will depend on how much of my deductible I have left when I need another skin cancer removed. One of my other doctors was not on the list. Bummer. I have to start the search again for that one. Luckily the general practitioner that I waited so long to see is on the list so I don't have to find a new one of those. I am glad they decided to change and I hope I get a better reaction from the front desk when I show them my insurance card next time.


Corrie said...

We have Cigna, and up until this year it was great. Now we have to babysit every single claim to make sure they pay what their supposed to. Its good coverage but just be watchful!

Daizy said...

Oh great, another one to babysit. Just when I thought my insurance was getting better. At least with Cigna, people will recognise the name. With my old insurance, I'd have to repeat the name 5 times before they found it on their list...that is...if they actually accepted it.

Corrie said...

I don't know if you have internet account access for your current insurance, but you will with Cigna, which DOES make it easier to monitor how they are covering things. The biggest problem I am having with them lately, is that they keep trying to charge a deductible and copay on my kids' vaccinations and preventative visits, which in fact are supposed to be covered 100% with no out of pocket costs. I have had to call on every single one of those visits...luckily they always go ahead and push it back through and pay it :)