Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Too Many Decisions

I love it when my week starts on Tuesday. Tomorrow is Wednesday and that means the week is almost half over already. I'm bringing a dog to work. He has a vet appointment. The boss is there. I hope he doesn't mind. Maybe he won't notice.

My bug traps are not catching any bugs. I think I need better bait or maybe some pheromones. I have a $5 gift card for the hardware store so I will stop by this weekend and see what they have that will help me.

This past 2 day weekend gave me too much time to think about the future. One minute I'm planning a 3 bedroom house with 2 master suites just in case my parents need to move in. The next minute I am back to my plan of building a big garage and then adding an apartment inside as I earn the money. It all depends on whether I want the risk of another mortgage or not. I would have to work at least 6 more years in order to build a house with a mortgage. There were times today that I couldn't not imagine working one more day at my job. At other times, things were going well and I thought maybe one or two years was doable. I suppose the only sure way would be to work as much as I could and then see how much money I have saved up and that would determine what I would build. The problem with that plan is that I would have to live in this old mobile home for 5 or more years. I'm not sure I can stand it.

Well, I certainly don't have to decide today. My first goal is to clean out one of the extra rooms, move the cat in there and fix up the RV to sell. That should keep me busy for a while.


Dave said...

Yes, Daizy, big decisions, but not ones you need to make right now.

If you want to stop working, you will have to be content with your current living conditions because you wil lack the resources to significantly improve them.

If you want to improve your living conditions, you will have to keep working although not necessarily at the job you are working at now.

Unless you can find a way to generate significant passive (i.e. nonwage) income, you will not be able to have your cake and eat it, too.

Tough choices, for sure.

Daizy said...

I do think about it a lot. At one time I considered turning my shed in to a tiny house but my new dog hobby has changed my plans. I think I need to think more creatively about this problem. I'm sure I will come up with something.

KoBold said...

Wasp bait: we used to put honey in our traps along with the water.

Also, any teenage males would recommend the home made flame thrower (hair spray + lighter).

Alas, I am no more teen-aged, therefore I cannot recommend that.

Anonymous said...

Try a small piece of raw liver for the fly traps.

Daizy said...

Ah Kobold, I would probably burn down my RV...that's would definitely get rid of the wasps though. I put some soda in the water. I can try honey too.

Daizy said...

Anonymous, do you think that will work better than the hot dog? These flies sure are picky eaters all of a sudden.