Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh Those Summer Electric Bills

Got my electric bill today...$185!!! Wow, that's a lot. I think they messed up the billing cycle because last month was only $80 which was unusually low for one of the hottest months of summer. They certainly made up the difference this month. I expect next month to be under $100 because I am trying to run the fan more instead of the AC. Today was only 89. I wish I hadn't been stuck in the office all day. The temperature is going up again. 93 tomorrow and 97 on Sunday. I guess I have to put up with the heat for a few more weeks. It is nice in the evenings though. I can hang out with the dogs in the front yard until the sun sets.

Speaking of dogs, the husky that I rescued that needed surgery had his surgery yesterday and with our donations and the adoption fee the rescue broke even, yea! Not counting food, gas, collar, etc...oops, there went another one of my collars. Luckily they are only $3 at Big Lots. The husky was adopted and hopefully will live a long and happy life at his new home. Thanks so much to everyone who donated! There was a Great Dane and St. Bernard on the rescue list this week. I haven't tried those breeds yet. They won't fit through my doggie door! They were rescued yesterday by another rescue group so I don't have to worry about them.

Anyway, I am spending 4 hours at Petsmart tomorrow with one of my dogs for an adoption event. I've never brought my dogs there before. There will be a lot of dogs there, should be interesting.


Dave said...

I had a record-high electric bill for the 30 days ending around August 20th. It was about $149 which was nearly $50 higher than my previous high set one year earlier. Before that, I had never hit $100 for one month. My non-summer bills are around $40-$45 a month.

Being retired keeps me around more during the day so that surely boosted my bill. The very hot nights kept the A/C (which uses a 220V line) on more in the evening, too. And we usually have had a rate hike or some other fee not charged the previous year.

But another reason might be similar to a reason your bill was so high. Here, they read our electric meters once every two months and do an "estimated" reading on the other months. They always seem to underestimate so on the months the meter is read there is an element of "catch-up" in the bill. Might that be the case with you?

At least the temps here in New York have dropped a lot to very comfortable levels (highs in the mid-70s, lows around 60) so the A/C has been getting a lot of much needed rest.

Daizy said...

We have digital meters so nobody has to come out and read the meter any more. I suppose I could figure it out if I looked at the bill more closely. I only looked at the usage graph and it said August was over twice as much as July. That is impossible. I have had the AC cranked since June. I'll have to take a closer look.

NelsonandBoober said...

That's great news about the Husky dogs surgery. We are glad to hear that it has a nice new home to go to. So glad that we could help with the costs.

Daizy said...

Nelsonandboober, I was so glad it worked out and thanks to your donation and a few others, my bright idea to save the husky didn't empty the rescue's reserve fund. My dogs were glad to see him go. He was a wild child but so pretty.