Saturday, September 18, 2010

Not Much To Do

Last Spring was very busy. I got a lot of improvements done with the help of my parents. This Summer has been just a waiting game. Too hot to do anything outside other than the weekly chores. I am expecting to get a lot done this Fall too when it gets cool enough. Today was so hot that if felt like July. I managed to vacuum the RV, water my trees which were looking very sad, take the dogs for a walk and take a nap, oh, and watch 4 episodes of Stargate. I'm watching the whole series from the beginning. Not very productive but not very expensive either, and quite relaxing.

Tomorrow I have another dog adoption event and I hope one of my dogs gets adopted because one dog is driving me crazy barking at the new dog. My no-bark sonic birdhouse is not cutting it anymore. I tried the muzzle today but he could still bark. I really need a separate area to put dogs that don't get along with others. Both of those males will get neutered at the end of this week so I am hoping that it helps but getting one adopted would be an immediate improvement.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Never a dull moment. Maybe mum and dad could visit in autumn too??

Daizy said...

I wish but it is my turn to visit them. Actually, I don't think they will visit again unless they are going to be snowbirds or move here permanently.