Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Fall Weather Can Start Now

The weather-watch continues. It was 88 today so the AC's were off but it was very hot inside when I got home. Tomorrow will be 95, Saturday 97 and Sunday 96 so I don't expect to spend much time cleaning out the back rooms just yet. Next week promises 80's again. If I am lucky, one of those 80's will land on the weekend.

I made it to the vet this morning with both dogs and I didn't forget anything. That is a major accomplishment. I was still 30 minutes late for work but my boss was in a good mood because his wife is visiting this weekend (they both live in Illinois primarily) and he is taking tomorrow off so he just said 'say hi to the dogs for me' and made no mention of me being late. Sometimes I like my boss.

My boss wanted more help on our website so I was searching for stock photos to add. They had picked one out of a woman grinning at a washing machine. I didn't like it because the woman looked robotic but then most of our customers are men so they will probably like the picture. It was fun to look for pictures even though they probably won't use any of my suggestions. The boss was happy that I was willing to help and that's what really counts (especially when it is raise time).


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Sometimes I miss that we always have a rubbish summer here but on the other hand it never gets really hot or cold. You need a super insulated house when you build to avoid the trauma of air con forever. It was 38 degrees in Crete (I think that over 100) but we didn't need aircon because of ventilation and insulation. On the other hand the aircon in my office is broken and my actual office is tasty even though its cold outside. I guess the simple design of the greek house is better than our high tech office building (where the windows dont open). Big surprise

Daizy said...

Ah, a super-insulated house would be lovely! The RV and the mobile home both have such thin cheap walls/floors/ceilings. Sometimes I see those underground houses and think maybe that's what I need out here.

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Underground would be excellent. Daizy the hobbit!