Friday, September 24, 2010

Ending The Week With More Bills

Today was a slow day but the week is over now and that is all that matters. I got another health insurance claim statement in the mail. I am figuring out that office visit charges are the main things that aren't covered by the plan until the deductible is satisfied. I owe another $200. That is disappointing, especially since I went back to the doctor today for a follow up appointment. Is that going to cost me another $200? Probably. I don't have any more doctor's appointments scheduled and I hope I don't have any surprise visits either. If I don't have any more charges then I will have fulfilled $900 of the $1,000 deductible. I was hoping the insurance would apply the money I paid for the out of network dermatologist towards my deductible. No such luck. That means I under-budgeted by $700 so far for medical expenses.

I was reading The Consumerist website and they had a link to a little cartoon about the housing crisis. I thought it was cute.
NPR's Toxie the toxic-asset It is about Toxie, the toxic asset, how she came to be, what she did and how she died. Touching, really.

And because it is Friday, here's a link to a music video by OK GO, called White Knuckles. It has doggies in it! And they are donating some of the profits to animal rescue. It made me smile.


Kylie said...

It sucks when things don't go as you hope. We had a similar situation a few weeks ago, it was $1,200 though.

Could've been worse.

Hope enxt week is better. :)

Daizy said...

I know. Especially when you think you have sacrificed and saved enough to cover it all and then, nope, the bill is twice as big. Oh well, I'll just keep on doing it until the bills are just a memory.