Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yea! Rent Money!

I got rent money today and it was a whole month's rent not a partial payment! She still owes me some back rent but I think she is getting back on her feet. She promised more money to come at the next paycheck.

As I drove home I thought about when I would make my next extra mortgage payment. Tomorrow is my payday but my bank account is kind of low so I thought I should wait a little longer. Then I picked up my mail and guess what? My first medical bill. $450. Bummer. I wasn't expecting that one. I am going to call the insurance company tomorrow to find out what wasn't covered. But if that bill is correct then I won't be able to make my normal extra payment this time. I really thought I was going to get back on schedule. But, if my renter really does give me more money in two weeks then I won't be too far off. When I added three more months on to my mortgage repayment plan I didn't include the back rent that she owed me just to be on the pessimistic side. This is good because when she pays me it will cancel out my medical bill.

Oh, and I got my estimate for my skin cancer surgery next week... $2,400 ...choke ...cough sputter. That's a worst case estimate. Hopefully it will be half of that which is what I budgeted.


Dottie said...

Yeah, it's always a good feeling to have rent money..
Do not let your mortgage plan ( or anything) stop your from taking care of your skin cancer. My husband is in the fight of his life with Chemo 3x a week of an entire year, because of a melanoma mole that he found on his back that spread to the sentinel lymph node. Nothing's more important than your health, it is also better financially to catch it early... Cost of chemo 3x a week...$20,000 per month..Good thing we have good insurance.

Dave said...

Ugh, Daizy, struggling to get the money you are owed from your renter and the insurance company. And you are still owed back rent. And more possible medical bills.

As you said, bummer. :(

Daizy said...

Dottie, I am so sorry to hear that. I totally agree that health comes first. That's why I knew I had to stop and take care of a few things and add a few months on to my mortgage plan. I sure hope your husband gets better soon.

Daizy said...

Ya Dave, the money certainly goes in and out in cycles. This summer is definitely an out cycle.