Saturday, August 14, 2010

Little Things

I suppose most people don't blog about their underwear but then I'm not like most people. I bought two packs last week at Big Lots and I loved them. Usually it is very hard to find undies and when I do I am very happy. Unfortunately one of the pair was two sizes too small. Someone had opened the package and stuffed the wrong one back in. I was bummed so I decided to go back today and see if I could find any more of the same kind. Its very hard to find the same stuff from week to week at Big Lots since they do mainly overstocked items from other places.

I went there today and didn't see any packages left. So I started to dig in the pile at the bottom of the shelf where people had opened packages and left them in disarray. I managed to find two out of the package. I was happy but you never know if you are going to be allowed buy things without a price tag. I kept digging and found another two that had been wrapped in plastic wrap and had a price tag for a dollar less than what I bought them for last week. This was an encouraging sign. At least I would have an example to show the cashier. I kept digging and found two more. I went on the shop for dog treats and saw an employee. I decided to ask in advance because I didn't want to wait in the checkout line only to be disappointed if they said I couldn't buy them. I showed him the ones wrapped in plastic and explained that there weren't any real packages left. He said it shouldn't be a problem.

I was happy but I still had to get through checkout. So I got in line behind one person and her purchase took a very long time and then she wanted to join the rewards club so the clerk had to start all over again. Finally they decided to open a new register and I got to be first and there was the clerk that I had already asked about my unpackaged items. I told him I was very happy to see him because now I wouldn't have to explain my underwear situation to someone new. He thought that was funny. I was able to get 3 2-packs for $3 each. I am very glad that I went back. Now I won't have to worry about underwear shopping for a very long time.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Excellent, bargain price for keeping your bum warm! I might need air conditioned undies if I lived where you do though. I think I would like to go to Big Lots, not sure we have anything equivalent here. We have 'In Excess' which has tools, gardening stuff stationery etc but certainly no clothes.

Daizy said...

You would like Big Lots Lizzie. They have food and cleaning supplies, home decorating items, towels and sheets, toys and furniture. Too much to list. Only a little bit of clothes. I usually can't find any clothes there and I go to Ross which is all overstock but I didn't have enough time to go to Ross that day.
It is a good thing that Big Lots is not near my house so I don't go often. I spend a lot of money in the food and pet supplies setion.