Friday, August 13, 2010

Bad Dog

Last Friday I had a pile of work on my desk. Well, I managed to deal with some of it and I thought I was going to finish the rest of it today but no. I got a new pile of work today. I don't know what it is about Fridays but it seems like everyone else is trying to clear their desks so they move the work on to mine. Its like a game of hot potato. Pass the work around all week and see who gets caught with it on Friday. Obviously I am not very good at this game.

I came home this evening to another unhappy surprise. My dogs had clawed another hole in my vinyl floor.

It seems like every 2 months they do it again. I nailed 3 more vinyl tiles over the hole.

Soon my whole floor will be vinyl tiles. The tiles are definitely tough but those grooves and tiny cracks between the tiles are not easy to clean. I love the one piece vinyl. Water is so easy to clean up. Too bad it is as thin and fragile as a tissue box.

Now it is supposed to be 104 tomorrow. It is getting hotter. I don't have any plans. It is better that way. I will just do whatever inspires me.

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