Sunday, August 29, 2010

Embarrassingly Over Budget

I added up my expenditures for August. I knew it was going to be bad. My normal budgeted amount is $450. Since I haven't been able to stay within that level lately, I cut some money out of my mortgage plan and added $300 more a month. I was hoping to get some projects done and have extra money for unknown medical bills. Guess how much I spent this month? $1,200!!! Wow. A lot of that was because I went crazy with dog rescue and saved a bunch from the death list (like the husky pictured here). Another big amount was for gas. My doctor appointments were on the other side of town. And of course big electric bills and some splurges that seemed little at the time...oops.

I think I can still get back on track. I sent two foster dogs to new foster homes today where they will get more attention. I had seven dogs here for a few days. It was terribly crazy. I was stressed, the dogs were stressed, I haven't watched Hulu all week! I got a blister on my toe from all the dog walking but at least I lost some weight. I mean, who has time to eat when you have seven needy dogs?

I owe myself $700 now. Most of it from August and some of it carried over from before. My renter should show up with more rent money on Tuesday so hopefully I can get rid of some of my debt. Maybe I should start charging myself interest. Every time I start browsing the cookie aisle I can think about the 25% interest that I have to pay myself.

Tomorrow is the first day in our new office. I hope I remember where to go.


Dave said...

Looks like your budget went to the dogs. (Sorry, Daizy, couldn't resist!)

I hope I am not reading a post a few days from now about how your renter is going to be late again with your rent. :(

I remember my first day at a new office location after moving. The first move was only from one downtown Manhattan location to another one nearby, so the commute was pretty much the same as before, and the area was familiar.

But the second one was quite different, from lower Manhattan to Jersey City, New Jersey. I had been to the area once the year before, visiting a friend/coworker who lives in JC. He gave me a walking tour of the area of our new building. Still, the first day's commute involved a different train system and it felt like I was coming out of the underground station on another planet. That feeling never went away in 7 years, as New Jersey always felt like another planet LOL!

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Seven dogs?! Wow! I don't think I could handle seven goldfish at one time.

Daizy said...

That was a good one Dave. This new office is going to make me go crazy. I like my privacy but this is like solitary confinement.

Daizy said...

Over the cubicle, well, I can't handle seven dogs either. Now I know.