Saturday, August 28, 2010

Early In The Morning

I was the good employee this morning and got to work at 8am to wait for the movers just like they told me to do. The movers showed up at 8:15 and filled 2 trucks. It was really boring. My boss showed up at 9 and we stood around chatting and watching the rooms empty. At 10:30 we closed it up and drove over to the new place. I had only been there once before so I didn't really remember the layout.

I have my own little office with walls and a door. In the old place the doors were glass and there were lots of interior windows. If someone called me and asked if so and so was on the phone I could look out and see them from across the room. In the new place there are no interior windows and all the doors are solid. It feels so isolated. Good new is my annoying co-worker has his own office on the other side of the building. No more listening to swear words before 9am! Of course he can always come over and visit.

I stayed there just long enough to get my computer up and running and grab a piece of pizza. Then I ran off to do some shopping and to finally deposit my rent money. Since my doctor bill was lower than I expected I can make my regularly scheduled extra mortgage payment. I had better do that soon before the month runs out.

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