Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Teasing Clouds

Finally the clouds let loose ten minutes of good rain. That gave me around 8 inches of water in my 500 gallon tank and 12 inches in my 300 gallon tank. I added some bleach and now I must wait for the sediment to settle before I can do laundry with it.

I met up with a lady this morning to show her my newest dog. She thought he was cute but too tall for her dachshund twins. She collects and distributes dog food for fosters and people who can't afford to feed their animals so she gave me a box of dog food. What a nice thing to do. It's even a better brand than I can afford.

I introduced my new foster dog to my little Toto first. I took Toto with me to meet the lady so that the two terriers could meet on neutral ground. It seems to have helped. They are getting along better than when I brought home that puppy.

I think it will be ok to leave him home on Monday. He is learning all of Toto's bad habits like how to pee on my chair (I wrapped the bottom half of the chair in plastic) and how to bark at any dog who is not on the bed already. I still have 4 other people interested in adopting him so I hope he will get adopted before he learns Toto's other bad habit: biting people.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Have to admit they are a cute bunch. I know it is good when they get adopted but I dont think I would like to lose them. I would be a hopeless foster parent. Some of Totos habits might help toughen me up though!

Daizy said...

Exactly Lizzie. Sometimes getting them adopted makes my life a lot easier. But then I start to think that my life is too easy and boring so I get a new one.