Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Blues

The joy of Friday is too quickly replaced by the depression of Sunday. At least my annoying coworker is going out of town most of the week so I only have to deal with him one day.

Rain is forecast for most of the week. They said that last week and I only got 10 minutes of rain yesterday. It was enough to do all of my laundry but my RV and mobile home water tanks are still very low. Of course when it does finally rain the road will wash out and I will have to deal with wet dogs. I was thinking about buying some sod to put in the dog run so that it doesn't become a muddy pond. I never did convince myself that it was worth it to drive 40 minutes each way to Home Depot to buy the stuff. So I improvised and put some bricks in the dog run for them to use as steps.

When it rains I will add more bricks where necessary. I already had the bricks so it was free. I hope it works. I don't want the dogs using the bathroom inside because their dog run is flooded.

Other than laundry and normal chores and cleaning, I didn't do much again this weekend. My goal to stay within my budget is much easier if I stay home and don't think about all of the big, expensive plans that I have. Next year I can get started on those.


KoBold said...

What makes you think that dogs are interested in using stepping stones as opposed to getting their feet nice muddy? :-)
Ever considered using some treebark-mulch to cover against mud?

Daizy said...

I've watched them in the rain. The big dogs don't mind but the little guys don't like puddles up to their bellies. Unfortunately the high ground is not in front of the steps. I could just bring more dirt in but shoveling is slow. I thought about bark but even the stuff that is supposed to be termite repelling gets eaten by termites. I have super-powered termites.