Monday, July 19, 2010

How Many More Mondays?

I'm afraid I can't even begin to count the Mondays left in my mortgage plan. Too many parts of it are unstable right now. I'm not giving up yet but I might need to recalculate soon and lower my expectations.

At work we had a meeting about the upcoming move to our new office. Soon I won't be able to run over to the Habitat Store for fun and cheap building materials. The other people in our office are excited to move because our new office is near more food choices. We won't be any closer to Taco Bell so it doesn't do me any good, not that I would buy lunches out even with Taco Bell next door. I'm not sure what would tempt me to buy. I used to love Icees but all that food coloring can't be good. I am not looking forward to the move other than the fact that it will force me to get more organized and I can spend company time taking tape off the walls.

Anyway, I survived another Monday, only (who knows how many) to go.


Dave said...

Reminds me of when my former company told us in 1999 we were moving from lower Manhattan across the Hudson River to Jersey City, New Jersey in 2001.

What was already a lousy commute would become even more tiring and intolerable. There were no good places to eat lunch near the new office, unlike the plentiful supply of good pizza places and delis in Lower Manhattan.

As I have told you several times, this relocation was the main reason for my leaving the company in 2008 and retiring. It was also the main reason I switched to part-time work a few months after the move, for those 11 weeks of full-time work in NJ were horrible. I was so depressed even as I was working out the telecommute and part-time work arrangement.

It doesn't seem like your relocation is going to have as terrible an effect on you as mine did on me. It might end up beneficial, at least for some of your coworkers. Many of my coworkers of all ages soon left after the move; the younger ones took jobs back in Manhattan while others who were older simply retired as soon as they could.

Daizy said...

That sounds awful Dave. No wonder you quit. My job have a little shorter commute and I will still get my own little office (after complaining that I didn't want to share with 2 other people). I keep hinting for a doggie daycare room but they aren't going for it. They didn't like the ice cream machine idea either.