Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Today was a very nice day except for the heat. I didn't get any laundry done but did do a little brainstorming about bringing the washing machine out of the garage and in to the mobile home. It would be a lot easier to do laundry if I didn't have to go outside and haul water with a bucket. It wouldn't be too hard to hook it up. The dryer would have to stay in the garage though because there is no outlet for it in here. So I would have to carry wet laundry down to the dryer. That would be easier than hauling water. And I could send the wash water directly to my trees instead of carting it up hill by bucket which is what I do now. So, now that I have convinced myself that it is a good idea, I just need to actually move it.

I made a shower basket with some wire and a sherbet container. I poked some holes in the bottom for drainage. I think it turned out good.

Because I was so busy this Spring, I didn't get around to buying more gutter for my greenhouse to collect water in the new tank that I bought. I managed to fill almost half of the container anyway with the little bit of gutter that I had. It was so convenient to fill up my bucket and only have to walk a few steps to my trees. I have no excuse not to water them this year.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 107 degrees. I want to leave the air conditioner on for the dogs but I haven't put a dog door in the hallway door yet so the hot air will come in. I am going to try putting a brick on the floor to keep the door from closing and a bungee cord on the door knob to keep it from opening all the way. Then I attached a towel to cover most of the gap. I think that either the dogs will pull the towel down and the air conditioner won't be able to cool the room or the dogs will knock the brick out of the way while playing chase and lock themselves in the living room thus causing one or more dogs to have an accident inside. Gee, I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

The seeds that I planted in the big pot are sprouting. Mostly beans, some peas and some squash. This is the time of year when my garden dies. Without sturdy shade and a drip system, the plants wilt every afternoon and it stunts their growth and eventually kills them. I put a tomato cage with a plastic bag in the pot to try to give them some shade. We will see how long they last this year.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Good plan with the washing machine. My drier accumulates water as it dries and this also goes on the plants, not that it often stops raining often enough to worry.
I like the element of surprise when you leave the dogs at home with a new indoor landscape. Excellent fun, if it doesn't wreck the place!

Daizy said...

I can't believe my plan worked. Maybe the dogs were so hot that they just slept all day and stayed out of trouble.

Utilitopia said...

I've turned a couple of doors in my home into "dog doors" without doing any cutting or installing.

Above head-level, I screw in two eyelets - one in the door, and one in the door jamb. I tie fishing line onto the door eyelet and pass it through the jamb eyelet, and hang a bag of pennies on the end. I put in enough pennies to gently pull the door closed so it leans shut without closing all the way.

On the door at dog-nose level, I screw on a flat piece of metal bent at 45 degrees, covered with a soft cloth, that the dog can use to nudge the door open to exit the room.

Now I can turn the AC on in a room like this and preserve most of the cool air inside, since the door is leaned almost-shut most of the time.

My dog is no genius, yet she has learned that it's nice and cool in this room, and has figured out how to get in and out with no problem.

Daizy said...

Utilitopia, that is such a good idea. I have already begun modifying my door based on your ideas. I wonder if I can get my little 12 pound dog to push the door open himself. At least I should be able to close the door more and keep more cold air in. thanks for the comment!