Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Not much to talk about today. It was hot when I got up at 8 and kept getting hotter. Spent a couple of hours taking my foster dog to the vet. Too bad the vet isn't on my side of town but it is free, it only takes up my time. I was tired when I got home and took a little nap that turned in to a 3 hour nap. No wonder my weekends fly by but I need a whole day to decompress from the work week. It was very nice to have the time and opportunity to take a nap when I wanted to. I look forward to having that time when I semi-retire.

I don't have any plans for tomorrow. I want to cook something for my lunch but maybe this will just be a spaghetti week. I still need to mop my floor. It gets dirty so fast with those dirty dogs walking all over it. It is much better than the old floor. At least I can see the dirt now.

Now I am going to go over to the mobile home to see if I can find a phone line connector for my internet line. Something mysteriously pulled my connector apart outside. I don't see any teeth marks so I have to guess that something got tangled in the cord and just pulled it too hard. I think I have another one. I hope I have another one, otherwise I won't be able to hook up my modem in the mobile home that I use for my net book and I won't be able to watch any old tv shows online. That would be terrible.

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