Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rather Have The Time

I have one of those grocery store rewards cards that gives me 10 cents off each gallon of gas when I spend $100 on groceries. Too bad they expire at the end of the month and today is the end of the month. Since I don't carpool and park next to the grocery store any more it's just not as convenient to stop there. I almost did go there today just to use my 10 cents off on gas but then I thought about it.

It is out of my way, using more gas and more time.

I will be tempted to go to the grocery store and buy things that I probably shouldn't.

My gas tank is only half empty so I will get maybe ten gallons of gas for a savings of $1.00.

The gas station near my office has gas for 3 cents cheaper than the grocery store so the savings would be more like 70 cents.

Saving 70 cents is not worth the extra 15 minutes to go out of my way to get gas.

Plus, that gas station is always crowded after work and I often have to wait for a pump.

So, I decided it wasn't worth my time and just went home. I am hoping to make it until Saturday before I go grocery shopping. I am running very low on fruit. Tomorrow will be the last of the cherries and some canned pineapple. Friday will be the last of the canned pineapple if I don't eat it all tomorrow. I told my coworker that I was going to eat any fruit that he left in the fridge and he left a half of cantaloupe. I don't think I dare eat it though. He might get back at me in far worse ways than I can imagine.


Andy Hough said...

You made the logical choice. It is crazy how far people will go to save a few cents on gas when they won't take easier measures that would save them far more money.

Daizy said...

Yes indeed. Sometimes I get taken in by the hype. Another example is the same grocery store's stock up sales. I don't have room to stock up on anything yet I still feel compelled to go in and buy buy buy!