Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two Dogs Adopted!

I met two prospective adopters today. Since both were interested in my black lab mix, I brought the Shepherd/retriever mix that my sister's kids are fostering as a second choice. Wouldn't you know it, both people wanted the black dog. Then both wanted the brown dog. Finally the second person told the first person to decide and he would take which ever she didn't. She picked the black dog as a playmate for her dog. The other guy took the brown dog to be a running mate and playmate for his kids. I think they made the right decision. I really hope the dogs settle in to their new homes. Both people have cats and neither have dog doors so I hope they adapt quickly. If I don't get any frantic phone calls tomorrow then maybe they have found permanent homes.


MW said...

Great job Daizy! Will this mean more foster dogs coming your way? You seem to have a knack for caring for them.

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Sounds like they might have found two good homes. Good job! Your other pups are going to be lonely.

KoBold said...

Big thumbs up, Mommy!

Daizy said...

Middle Way, yep, I took one day off and then got a new one.

Over the Cubicle, well, they lasted one day so far in their new homes. That's good. Don't worry about them being lonely. They are busy torturing the new dog right now.

KoBold, thanks. It is great when they find homes. Now if they will only stay adopted.