Sunday, April 11, 2010

One After Another

I got a new foster puppy today. A little 2 month old pit bull. Yes, I know, I didn't want to foster any more pit bulls or mixes because they have a tendency to want to kill my cat but this one is too young to do anything except pee on my floor. And at this age there is a very good chance she will get adopted in the next few weeks. Hopefully I can get a picture posted tomorrow. Right now my dogs are busy harassing her and barking, barking, barking. I hope they all settle down so we can get some sleep tonight.

And a different topic, my RV toilet was totally stopped up yesterday. You see, I don't put toilet paper down the toilet because it has a habit of clogging up the holding tank. Plus, I use very little water to flush and it isn't enough to keep the toilet paper moving. But when my guests were here I didn't bother to mention it because I thought a few days of toilet paper wouldn't matter. Well, it did matter and the pipe under the toilet was completely clogged. This happened once before when I first bought the RV (it was a used RV). That time I paid a RV repair person to unclog it. It cost me $100. I asked the guy how he unclogged it and he said he just kept working at it. This time I decided to try it myself. I have a tank cleaning wand that is flexible so I just used that and eventually it unclogged. I was very relieved that I didn't have to call for help, it's kind of an embarrassing problem and it would have cost more than $100. The first time it happened was 10 years ago...(wow, I am still living in this thing).

Anyway, I had better go set up a bed for the puppy and try to calm everyone down. I need my sleep.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

My first chance to catch up with your posts for a few days and its all change at your house. 10 years in the RV,definitely time to move into the mobile home with the four legged family.

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

That is a bad chore no matter how it is done or who does it. Good job on not spending that $100 for it.

Daizy said...

Lizzie, I didn't realise it was 10 years already. No wonder everything in the RV is breaking.

Daizy said...

Over the Cubicle, between my toilet and the dogs I am spending way too much time dealing with poop. Maybe I should get a foster baby too. Diapers would go well with this theme.