Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pet Costs: Wants vs. Needs

What would you pay $500 for? For a car? Well, $500 wouldn't get you much of a car. For a computer? That would be a low price for a computer. For refrigerator? That would be an ok price for a fridge. How about an automatic pet feeder?
Perfect Pet Feeder
Hmmm...seems high. Would you be surprised if I said I was considering it?

I'm not planning any trips soon but I would like to be free to travel on the weekend or for a week without having to rely on dog boarding ($41 a day for my 2 dogs) or the schedules of my friends and neighbors . Of course, I wouldn't want to leave my dogs alone for a whole week but it would be much easier to get someone to look in on them every other day rather than trying to get someone to feed them twice a day. (Feed my dogs at 6:30am and 6pm pretty pleeeeeese!)

So I started looking at automatic feeders. The reviews for the feeders sold at Petco were not good. 50% said their feeder broke soon after purchase. At $130 I would hope the item would work for longer than a few weeks or months. The best automatic feeder that I found was the Pillar Perfect Pet Feeder (not sold at Petco). It is all stainless steel compared to the plastic construction of the other feeders. My dogs think plastic is a chew toy...especially food bowls.

The only problem with the Perfect Pet Feeder is the price. $500 seems like a huge amount of money for a dog feeder. On the other hand, if it works and lasts for many years it would be worth it. It does have a 3 year warranty and I did not find any negative reviews except about the price. And it would be equal to a little over 12 days of dog boarding at $41 a day.

I'll put it on my "want" list for things that I can buy if I keep working after the mortgage is gone. That is, after I re-build my emergency fund, figure out what my plans for a house are, build up a replacement auto fund...and on and on. I have a few higher priorities above a pet feeder. But it sure would be nice to have it now.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

My dog would mangle that thing. My cat would probably like it.

Maybe your tenants would be amenable to watching your dogs for a reduction in rent? Something less than the amount that a kennel would charge but worth their while?

Daizy said...

I wonder what my dog would to to it, but with a 3 year warranty I'd be willing to find out.

I hinted at pet care with my tenant but no, she's not a pet person. I can still ask the rescue lady but I hate to impose since she has a lot of dogs and lives on the opposite side of town, 50 minutes away. I'd rather be self-sufficient if I can afford it.