Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Connected Again

The internet is back up. I came very very close to switching my service from Qwest to Verizon. This morning the internet was still out so I called when I got to work. It is hard to call from home without the internet because I don't know any Qwest phone numbers. So, I make it through the whole recorded introduction (which, by the way, I hate with a passion...that guy's voice is SO annoying and I hate having to say my responses instead of pushing a button. Do you know how hard it is to hide the fact that you are making a personal call at work when you have to say everything so loudly and clearly so that the robot man can understand you???) and I was connected with a human who was just as unhelpful as robot man.

The customer service agent told me that I had to call from home so that they can run diagnostic tests on the line which I know is not mandatory because the last customer service agent submitted a trouble ticket for me without doing that. I told the guy that I had taken both of my modems outside and plugged them in to the pedestal and tried them with different phone cords and nothing worked. I knew it was not my problem. The last time the internet went out it was caused by someone cutting the cable with a road grader so I knew there was a good chance that this problem would get resolved, it was just a question of how long it would take.

But since the robot man and the customer service agent were so annoying and unhelpful I looked in to switching to Verizon. I was about to do it but Verizon requires a 2 year contract in order to get any discount on the modems and a $35 activation fee. And I looked up some reviews and there were some unfavorable ones that made me worry that I might not get a good connection in this rural area. I was concerned enough to give Qwest more time to fix the problem and when I came home today the internet was back up. I wish there was some way for Qwest to notify its customers that there is a problem in the area so that we aren't left wondering. I don't want to call the help number and listen to the robot man if I don't absolutely have to!

Anyway, it is good to be connected once again. 3 1/2 days without the internet is too long.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I don't suppose they would credit your bill for 3 1/2 days?

Daizy said...

No, I would have had to have complained the first day.