Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Friday

My boss let me take tomorrow off so it's my Friday today. The weather has turned strangely cold. It was only 57 degrees today. Last chance to wear warm clothes. It should be back up to 80 by Monday. I did get a little bit of rain so my water supply shouldn't be too much of an issue this year. I might even use a bit more water for my laundry and trees. Now that's living on the edge! haha.

I do have a few dog chores tomorrow. I'll get my little guy licensed at the pound and then he will be mine officially. I still have an opening for one foster dog so I will see what is available. I'm sure I will come home with an extra dog. Hopefully this one will get along with the others or at least be able to hold it's own and not be bullied. The first few days with a new dog are always noisy and full of dog fights as they figure out how things are going to work with a new pack member.

Anyway, 3 day weekend here I come. First order of business...sleep in!


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I hope you continue to enjoy your three day weekend. Will the extra dog make three or four?

Daizy said...

I'm trying to enjoy it. The dogs woke up at 6am and wanted to play. The new dog will make 3 for me. I don't have her yet but yesterday we got puppy for my sister to foster since her foster dog went away for a possible adoption. They were suppose to trade the new puppy for the old puppy but they liked the new puppy so just kept it.