Thursday, March 18, 2010

One Day Late

This was my post for Wednesday but my computer wouldn't cooperate.

I took the plunge. I ordered an eMachines netbook from Best Buy for $230. After tax and shipping my total is $258. I just sold my kayak a few weeks ago for $250. Funny how that happens.

If this post makes it up tonight it means my computer had a little bit of energy left in it. Yesterday I had about 5 minutes before the CPU light would turn off and the mouse would quit working. It has been telling me that it needs to run a scan for the last few months. The scan takes about an hour and doesn't help anything, it just says it again next time. This was a hand-me-down computer from a coworker back in 2005. I think it had a long life and productive life.

My mom will be bummed (and I'm bummed too) because my netbook won't be here until Monday and she doesn't have any internet connection where she is staying. There wasn't a store pickup option. I'll have to try to connect her laptop again. I couldn't get it to work last weekend.

In case my computer doesn't last through the weekend, here's what I hope to get accomplished.

Thursday-My nephew/brothers arrive from visiting their grandparents in Minnesota. (my parents adopted 2 of their grandchildren so legally they are my brothers ages 10 and 13).

Friday-Half day of work. Start installing window.

Saturday-Finish installing window and add drains to sinks.

Sunday-Go to Tucson Air Show.

Monday-New Netbook arrives!


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Sounds very busy and fun at the same time. Good luck with everything and enjoy the family time!

Daizy said...

Very busy indeed. I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.