Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mortgage Payoff Plan For March

It's almost April so I had better post my mortgage progress for March. I made the payment last week but didn't have a chance to post about in with all the other stuff going on.

I made an extra payment of $1,636. This means I have 8 months left on my current plan, and 3 years, 4 months if I don't pay any more extra. One more month and I might be able to pay the whole thing off if I sold the RV...but I'm not going to count on that. It would involve investing a thousand or so in to the RV and then there is no certainty that it would sell for the price I expect.

8 months isn't very long. But if I want to build a guest house for my parents and a garage with an apartment for myself, I would have to work at least 5 more years. 5 years seems like a very long time. I still have a lot of time to think about it. First, we will see if my parents come back to visit next year.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

You are so close. Do RVs sell better down there in Winter when the snowbirds show up?

Daizy said...

That's my theory anyway. I hope October or November is when people start looking for RVs so they can escape. But since this RV is pretty old, I am not sure people would want to haul it over the road.

Simple in France said...

Interesting. I'm sure you don't want to haul your RV around either, but just in case. I once sold an old car I had with some family in Idaho (where people were likely to buy an old fixer upper and work on it themselves) instead of trying to sell it in California. You may want to try and see if you have any other locations where you could sell the thing in a market that pays more. That's a reach involving a lot of if's but you never know.

Good luck paying off your mortgage!

Daizy said...

Simple in France, I have been trying to find consignment places so that I don't have to worry about showing it to strangers. Arizona is a good place for RVs. Texas is probably good too. I think advertising on the web and putting the RV somewhere else than a rocky dirt road would help a lot.