Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lost And Lost

My dogs woke up at 7am, darted out the dog door and started barking their heads off. At first I thought they saw a coyote. They kept barking so I got up and looked out the window. First I saw a large white dog. Not surprising, I see a lot of stray dogs. Then I saw the burro. WHAT??? Where did he come from?

I have heard a burro before somewhere in the distance but I don't know which neighbor it is. After the dog and burro hung around for 2 hours I posted Found signs at the end of my street. I figured someone would call right away. Now it is 4pm and no one has called. I wish I had a corral to put the burro in. He won't let me get more than 15 feet from him and he won't go in my garage or in my dog fence so I can't keep him here. I put the big dog in with my other dogs because I couldn't stand the barking and because it was raining.

The dog's tags have a phone number but it goes to a vet who is closed on Sunday. The horse rescue place recommended asking at the feed store but it is closed on Sunday also. I think I will take a few hours off of work tomorrow, call the vet and hope they have a current number and also hope that the dog and burro belong together...assuming the burro is still here in the morning.

I have always wanted a horse. Some how the message got mixed up and I got a burro instead. Haha.

Anyway, all of the cleaning that I did yesterday was wiped out today with the rain and the new very wet and muddy dog. My floors look terrible and the combination of wet dog paws and claws are tearing them up. I need durable flooring very soon!


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Looks like they found a good home, even if it is only temporary. My friend found a goat and great dane (together) once. Surprisingly, it took about a week to find the owners.

Daizy said...

Ooo...a week. I'll buy him a bale of hay if he's still here tomorrow. A goat and a great dane would be about the same size right?

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

the great dane was much bigger than the goat, but the goat was constantly jumping straight up, so they were the same height about half of the time.

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I have looked out of my bedroom twice window as the security lights come on twice over the year. The first time it was 5am and there were two policeman at my back fence (they left and we never found out why but i assume some one was chased into my garden and got away over the back fence.). Second time was a funny shaped dog which turned out to be a normal old dog but with his leg stuck in his collar. We took days to find his owner. He had a lovely personality but very bad digestive system. His owner behaved as if we had kidnapped him when we finally found out.
I like the idea of you having your own zoo there. Start charging visitors soon.

Scarlett said...

Bizarre and hilarious! Things like this never happen in Chicago...