Monday, December 28, 2009

Good To Be Home

When I arrived at the airport I caught the shuttle to my truck and called the dog rescue lady to arrange a meeting place. Then I turned the key to start the truck and wouldn't you know it? My battery was too dead to start it up. I walked to the ticket booth and asked for a jump start. The last time my battery died at a pay-parking lot I called AAA, the road-side service. After I waited a half an hour the guy in the ticket booth said I should have just asked him. They keep battery machines in the ticket booth. So this time I knew what to do. A few minutes later my truck was running and I was off to get my dogs.

My dogs were so excited to see me. My J-dog, was so excited he just wanted to be touching me all the way home. My pit-mix foster was very excited too and she is usually a very mellow dog. I got a new foster dog too. He is 8 months old and hopefully will be a good playmate for J-dog. My cat was also very happy to see me although she was not as boisterous. The rescue lady didn't even charge me for the board of my dog. I thought that was very nice. I suppose I am boarding her 2 dogs for her free of charge since they are foster dogs. But I enjoy it.

I have to run now because the dogs need some supervision. I'm not sure what this new guy is like yet. Hopefully he's not a house-chewer!


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Your pups sound very affectionate. It is amazing how excited they can get.

Daizy said...

It was great to see them so happy to see me! It's the first time I have left them. I thought they might have so much fun over there with all the other dogs to play with and the big yard that they wouldn't want to come back.