Monday, October 26, 2009

The Temptation To Quit

I haven't had that really strong feeling to quit my job lately...until today. It had a lot to do with knowing I have another job I could take (the 5 month contract job) even if it isn't a perfect job. But as someone pointed out, I have been working 22 straight days so far without a day off so that probably is affecting my patience level. I told my boss about my other job today because I am asking for Thursday off to work at the other place. He didn't mind. In fact he thought it was great that I was using my time productively and earning more money for my mortgage payoff plan of which he is very supportive. I also did it to hint that I have other options. Perhaps I want him to worry that I might leave. He often says that I can't quit until he retires which is 10 years from now. I doubt I will last 10 years at this job.

So, I did not quit today. I thought of my dogs which I need to support and decided to hang in there for at least a little while longer. Then I took my box of new squeaky balls, dog treats, and toys and watched the dogs have some fun. I also got my first paycheck from my weekend job so my budget is officially on the plus side least it will be when I cash the check.

And an update on my sister who is 8 months pregnant and in the hospital with the Swine flu, they have her on anti-viral medication, her fever is under control and she was able to eat today. Hopefully she will recover quickly.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I knew dogs liked squeaky toys, but it is good to hear they make people happy too :)

Good news on your sister too.

Dave said...

The short discussion you had with your boss about being able to retire reminded me of some of the chatter in our biweekly management meetings when I was working in my last few months.

My divisionhead and some of other fellow supervisors would joke about the divisionhead retiring (he had just turned 55) and another supervisor retiring (he is in his early 60s and was not well liked). All the time, I had to sit there silently and not tip my hand to the grand retirement plan I was formulating, including the actual retirement date I had established (Oct 31, 2008) but not yet disclosed until Sept. 30th. THAT was the toughest part LOL!

They all knew I was unhappy there, especially after I cut my weekly hours from 20 to 12 in 2007, so my resignation was not a total shock to anyone.

I barely finished my one big project (I had been working on it for 18 months) about 45 minutes before I quietly left the office and have never looked back. I hope you can do the same one day if that is your goal.

KoBold said...

Does, by any chance, your boss read your blog?

Daizy said...

Over the Cubicle, the squeaky ball seems to make my dogs fight more. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea.

Daizy said...

Dave, your stories are great and inspiring. I can't wait for the day when I don't need my job anymore.

Daizy said...

KoBold, NO WAY! He wouldn't read blogs like this. Not technical enough. And even if he did stumble on it he would think it was interesting that I had this hobby but I bet he wouldn't be a daily reader. It's just not his thing. I hope no one at work ever finds my blog.