Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Few Extra Minutes

I have an unexpected hour of free time. My 2 most pressing chores are laundry and cooking lunches for the week. I don't have time for both so I picked cooking. Laundry would be easy if I didn't have to haul my own water but I don't have the energy for that right now. Luckily I can make it 2 weeks before I run out of clean clothes. I hope I can find some daylight time to do laundry next weekend.

So, I am cooking chicken, writing on my blog, and spending money in my head. Tomorrow I will go to the grocery store and try to behave myself but I know I have money coming soon and I need a few groceries. Ok, more than a few. I'm pretty low. And I want to buy pig's ears for the dogs. It keeps them quiet for at least 15 minutes. That is a very expensive 15 minutes because pig's ears cost $17 for a bag of 14 or so. What I really want to do is take $100 and buy a case of bully sticks. Those things keep my dogs occupied for at least 30 minutes and they cost $1.50 when bought in bulk. I'll put that on my 'want' list for when I actually see this extra money that I am making.

I must also remember to put $100 aside for gas. I've already spent $30 this weekend to fill up the tank. They mentioned that I could do some work from home if my computer can handle it. That would be good too. I get a lot of work done in the empty office but perhaps 2 hours less commute time and $30 a weekend in gas would motivate me to stay focused on my computer at home.


DOTTIE said...

I just wanted to share our dog trick with you regarding chew toys. Everyone thinks we are crazy but the dog loves it.. We discovered it by accident when my husband was installing an irrigation system several years ago. My husband will cut PVC pipe (1/4") into lengths of 6-8 inches and use them as "bones". The dog loves chewing on it for days. Eventually he does get the end chewed enough that it is falling apart ( the dog does not eat the pieces) and my husband will either cut off the 2 or so inches at the end that is chewed down or he will just give the dog another "bone". We went through sooo many chew toys before this it was not funny. ( I think our dog has some pit bull in him and they are known for their jaw strength.)The dog loves it and it is VERY cheap and easy. We just can't give him real bones since he chews them and eats the big pieces of bone and gets sick. I know it sounds strange but it might be worth a try.

Daizy said...

Interesting idea. I don't know if my dogs would be interested unless there is food inside. I'll try it. I have plenty of pipe around.