Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Money

My renters showed up at with the rest of September's rent today. $550. I am very happy that they came through with it in the end. I hope they can stay on schedule now. I asked her if things were getting better and she said yes except that she is worried about her job. She is a licensed practical nurse at a nursing home and because of the slow economy people are keeping their elderly relatives at home. I don't know whether that is a bad thing or a good thing for the elderly but in terms of jobs it is bad for my renter. Her hours are being cut and they are talking of layoffs. Everyone thinks that nurses have great job security but the hospitals have been on a hiring freeze because of their budget troubles. Plus she is an LPN not an RN and only has 6 months experience so she doesn't have the in demand skills yet. If she does get laid off I suppose she could find a position with in-home care.

Anyway, what will I do with this $550? Well, $200 goes to my mortgage next month. $200 goes to the rental house maintenance fund and $150 is for me. Yes, I give the late fees to myself. Good thing too because I owe myself $209 from September. Besides that I owe myself another $150 for my Thanksgiving plane ticket. I'll have to sell stuff to pay that off. Myself is very glad that I am paying myself back. I hate to be in debt, even to myself.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

That's a neat concept with paying yourself their late fees. I am guessing you would rather have been paid on time and not had to worry, but at least you found a way to turn it into a good thing.

Daizy said...

Yes, makes me hope they pay late. :) More money! Actually, they volunteered to pay the late fee if I let them move the pay date to mid month. Technically they are double late.