Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wanna Lose Weight? Get A Puppy.

Another crazy day tending to the animals. It will slow down, I am sure of it. The cat still hangs out in the bedroom of the RV, puppy #1 runs around the living room of the RV and sad, sick puppy #2 lives in the bathroom of my mobile home. The cat is mostly independent but wants attention at least 3 times a day. Then there is the food, water and litter box. She sleeps on my bed at night so she still gets quality people time. The rest of the day I spent walking puppy #1, feeding puppy #1, walking puppy #2, feeding puppy #2, giving medication and shopping for puppy #2. I tried to take them both outside separately every 2 hours so that they wouldn't have any indoor accidents. It is exhausting when it is 100 degrees.

I drove 35 minutes to the closest Walmart and Lowe's for a collar, leash and more food/water bowls that don't tip over. So much cheaper at Walmart than the pet store. My indoor puppy enclosure is taking shape. No pictures yet. I didn't get a chance. I was able to borrow a humidifier for the sick puppy to help her cough. She sounds horrible. She is eating more so maybe she will put on some weight. Poor thing is all bones. I'm losing weight with all of this walking. That's a side effect I didn't consider. Once I get my dog run set up I can go back to being a couch potato.

Puppy #1 had a play date today with a friend's dog. They chased each other for about an hour. When we got home puppy #1 was too tired to get in to mischief while I was setting up the humidifier for puppy #2. Hooray for tired puppies!


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Can you imagine if you had gotten the nine dogs? I hope pup #2 makes a quick recovery.

Daizy said...

I was hoping the momma dog would take care of them for a few weeks. Just my luck, she would have escaped the first day and I would be bottle feeding! There is no way I could do that with a job.

Puppy #2 seems to have improved. Still skinny as a stick though.