Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hauling My Trash Even If Others Don't

Last week I happened upon a troubling site. The dirt road that leads out to the main road was blocked by trash. During the night someone had dumped 2 or 3 trailer loads of palm tree and other branches and misc., water bottles, beer cans, tarp, and stuff from a hard days work of chopping down a palm tree. They filled up the wash (the dry creek bed) and then dumped the rest of it right in the middle of the road. It took me 20 minutes to drag it all off to one side so that I could drive through.

I filed a report with the Sheriff dept. and even gave them the phone numbers that I found on the to-do list crumpled up under the branches (1. borrow chain from mom. 2. rent trailer. 3. job-1 palm). I don't expect the people to be caught. It's too bad people are so inconsiderate.

And on the subject of trash, I hauled my own recyclables off to the library recycle bins today. I had quite a bit saved up. It is nice when it is gone. So much space. I like space.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I live on a dead end street, so people like to dump junk by my house too. So inconsiderate. Somebody always has to clean stuff up.

Daizy said...

It makes me wonder if the people that I paid to haul brush to the dump a few years ago actually went there. I guess a lot of people take the money and run. Yep, someone has to clean it up and this time it was me.