Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 2: No A/C

I called up my RV repair guy today. His recording said he was on vacation until tomorrow. I searched for any other mobile RV repair in Tucson. I found one. Their recording said they would be back Oct. 1st. I won't need AC in October. I'll call my guy back tomorrow. He probably won't be able to come out until Friday or Monday. If I have to spend the weekend without AC in the RV I will be forced to hang out in the mobile home and actually clean and organize my clutter! Oh the horror. Maybe I'll find my cat under all of those boxes. She seems to be doing ok over there in the mobile home although she doesn't appreciate it. Neither do the puppies. They all want to be with me.

After work I took apart a portable cooler that I bought many years ago, before I bought window AC units for the mobile home. It was in my give-away pile because the cooling part didn't work anymore. I took off the back panel and found that the hard water deposits had made the cooling pad stiff. The motor that turns the cooler pad is very weak and stops at the slightest resistance. I soaked the cooling pad in calcium remover and water and removed one of the rods to make the pad looser. I have it blowing on me now but it still gets hung up and I have to open the back and poke at it to make the cooler pad rotate. I wish I knew how to replace that little motor that makes it spin. It's probably not that hard.

It's 87 degrees in here at 9:30pm. 84 outside. It should get down to 75 tonight. I'll survive.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

All the luxuries of camping in your own home. Glad it is at least tolerable.

Daizy said...

I would be saving lots of electricity too if I wasn't cooling the mobile home for the animals. Oh well. It will be cooler very soon. And this is quite luxurious for camping. Water, TV, fridge, computer! Not bad at all.

The Executioner said...

Just remember, in the grand scheme of human history, A/C is a relatively new addition. You're living the way our ancestors did, for thousands and thousands of years. They did can you! :)

Daizy said...

Yes, executioner, but I can't bring myself to sleep outside like they did. It's really quite nice at night. I think I've been over-using my AC. If I didn't need to keep my animals comfortable I could turn it off a lot more and save more $.