Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back To De-Cluttering

I managed to leave the AC off until 7:30 tonight. I'll turn it off again once it get down to the same temperature as outside. It was cloudy today so that helped. I got a few chores done in the mobile home that I have been putting off. I posted an item for sale on craigslist, offered a free item on freecycle, flattened a bunch of boxes for recycling (they cleared off a 3x3 foot area of floor space in the back room, yea!). I added a plate for the door knob on the bathroom because it was missing and the door was held shut with one nail. And secured the peg board which is blocking off the back bedroom (it is missing a door).

It rained a little today so I got more water in my tanks, finally. The summer rains have been unusually light. Oh, and I covered the panels with plastic bags that are covering the window above the AC's. Don't want them to get soggy in the rain.

If I just list one item on freecycle and one item on craig's list or ebay every weekend I will eventually get rid of all of my junk. One at a time is not overwhelming right? I still have to get over that feeling of 'what if I NEED it?'. It is hard to get past that but once I do, I want it gone right away!

No tarantulas were physically harmed during this photo shoot. I do not know if he was psychologically harmed. :)


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

After you finish cleaning out the RV, are you planning to fix it up?

Cute picture of the pups and their 'friend'.

Daizy said...

The mobile home? I go in circles with that idea. Yesterday I was thinking about looking at used small manufactured homes to replace it. But I did that already and the $20k cost would require me to work an extra year. plus the used ones still need work. This morning I thought about it again and decided to keep what I have and fix it. I like being able to do stuff with my mobile home (like cutting a dog door) without thinking that I am messing it up because it is already in rough shape. I will change my mind many times.

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Yep, I meant the mobile home. If you can clear it out and still live in the RV while you are fixing it up, it will be so much easter and faster. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Daizy said...

Gee, but living without a bathtub would be so motivating! :P