Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Thoughts For Thursday

Yea, it's Thursday, my favorite night of the week. Usually something to watch on TV and tomorrow it Friday. Fridays are always good even though I have to work. People are more relaxed on Fridays and 5pm is the best time ever. And I get to wear jeans...except I wore jeans almost all week because the boss was gone. He'll be back tomorrow but we wear jeans on Fridays so it doesn't really matter.

Some random thoughts from the week. The parrot that my friend found last week drove her nuts with it's squawking and she gave it to a bird rescue last weekend. She gave them all of the cages, toys and food too. Over $300 worth of bird stuff. They gave it to a retired woman who had some birds already. That's a much better home than my friend's where her husband needs to sleep during the day. She was sad though. Her dog died last month. I wonder how long it will be before they get another dog. At least I won't have to babysit a bird when they go out of town. Dogs are ok, noisy birds...I'd rather not. I like my sleep.

Today at work we got an email from one of our other offices. Turns out business is picking up and they aren't going to close the week after the 4th of July after all. That is very good news for our company and good news for the economy. I work in manufacturing. At the beginning of the year many customers cancelled or delayed their orders. Now they can't get parts fast enough. I don't know if our office will still close for that week or not. I think it will be optional. I already have my plane ticket so my vacation is definitely going to happen. I hope they can survive without me. Also, I have decided to hold my breath until they give me my 10% pay cut back, starting now..............maybe not.

I read that Ally Bank (formerly GMAC) was told by the FDIC to make their CD rates more in line with all of the other banks. So their 1 year CD went from 2.8% to 2.49% or something like that. Darn, I should have started a CD with them yesterday when the rate was still up. I didn't read the whole article but it had something to do with using bailout money to boost returns and attract new deposits. The other banks thought that was unfair. I'd think that too if I was a bank but I'm not, I just want high CD rates.

I need to make something for lunch tomorrow. I've been eating things from my freezer and I ran out today. I'll think of something.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I didn't see anything on TV but reruns, so I just decided to watch a Freeks and Geeks episode on DVD. Reruns are reruns, so I might as well pick the one I really like.

I was thinking about trying to get away with jeans tomorrow. If I stay hunkered down in my cubicle most of the day maybe I can get away with it.

Daizy said...

I've started watching Bones. Since I watched other stuff this season they are all new to me. I believe one of the guys on Bones was in Freeks and Geeks. Weird...

But how will you make it to the bathroom without being seen?

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

My cubicle has a window.


The most I would get for wearing them would be a funny look, so it really isn't that big of a deal anyway.

I've never seen Bones, so it would be new to me as well.

Daizy said...

Look out below! Not smart while you still WANT your job. Maybe on the last day :P

moocifer said...

What kind of stuff does your company make, Daizy?

Daizy said...

Hello bugbear, my company makes littel metal parts usually with an electrical contact attached. They go in everything from washing machines to military planes. Whatever the customer wants, we make.