Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Where Did My Extra Hour Go?

I got up an hour early because my carpool had an appointment and we had to leave work early. I was excited to leave early all day. At 4pm I was ready to go. I stopped in the grocery store before I went home and bought stuff I did not need...whipped cream, soda, mini candy bars (on sale for 94 cents!), microwave popcorn, apples (apples are what I went to the store to get) and stew meat because I am determined to make beef stew this weekend in my crock pot. I rarely buy beef so that is a big deal for me. $28 and all I needed was apples. Oh well. And I wasted my extra hour. Now I am just extra tired.

This is a short week because I have Friday off. I got my Arizona tax refund deposited in to my account so I have $36 to spend on clothes. Since I didn't find much at the thrift store last weekend I will try Ross' clearance racks and see if I have any better luck. Heck, I'd be thrilled with new underwear. :P


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

More soda? What happened to all that root beer? :P

If you have one there, Kohls usually has a decent clearance rack. Sometimes 80 or 90 % off.

Daizy said...

We do have a Kohls. It is farther away. Maybe if Ross doesn't pan out I'll go over to Kohls but last time I was at Kohls the clothes were awful.

And I bought soda with caffeine. Sometimes, like this morning, I need something stronger than iced tea but I don't drink coffee.