Monday, April 6, 2009

Looking For Cheaper Hair Color

Yesterday I stopped at Sally's Beauty Supply store. I have never been in there. I usually buy the cheapest hair color in the box from Walmart which costs around $4.50. Sometimes I use the whole box and sometimes I try to mix a small amount so that I can just touch up where my hair is parted. I wanted to see if it would be cheaper to buy a larger quantity of color at Sally's Beauty. Well, the large bottle of developer cost $5.49 and the small 2 oz. bottle of color cost $4.50. I didn't see any large bottles of the color. Too bad. So I will still have to pay $4.50 for the color which is the same price I was paying for the boxed color kit. Plus I found boxed color kits for $3 at Big Lot's last time I was there.

Buying separate bottles:
More color choices.
Easier to mix small amounts.
4 developers to choose from for different color levels and hair types.

Buying in box:
Can be cheaper.
Packet of conditioner and gloves often included.
Easier if mixing for my whole head.

I think I will continue to look for hair color deals in the box. If they have the color that I want for $3 then it is a better deal especially when it is time to do my whole head. The separate bottles are handy for touch ups when an applicator bottle is not really necessary. It could be my imagination but the separate bottles that I just bought seem to be better quality than the cheap stuff in the box. At least it was less stinky. So, I haven't made a decision either way, this just gives me more options.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Womens hair is so complicated. I just shave most of my hair off.

Daizy said...

There you go tempting me again!

Over the Cubicle Wall said...


What is 'developer', by the way?

Daizy said...

Stolen from Wikipedia:
When the tint containing the alkalizing ingredient is combined with the developer (usually hydrogen peroxide), the peroxide becomes alkaline and diffuses through the hair fiber, entering the cortex, where the melanin is located.

I learned something new today :)

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

More complicated than I thought even :P

Debtfree2009 said...

I noticed I had 5 gray strands of hair so decided I needed to have it colored. I decided it would be best just to get a few highlights instead of a complete color. I was shocked at the price $95 + tip.

I guess I need to find me some color in a bottle but I may end up with green hair.

Living Creekside said...

That's so funny I just started using the same exact stuff about a month ago.... I Love it.....its so much gentler on my head :-) did you get the applicator bottle too, that's what I have... I tried the brush and bowl method and it didn't go so well... but for those times your just doing your hairpart the cream color and bowl may work better, otherwise make sure when you get the color you get the liquid kind the cream color is hard to get out of the bottle...

Daizy said...

debtfree2009, $95+tip!!! Ack! I think I would just give in to my grey. Good thing there is a cheaper alternative that works for me. My sister tried semi-permanent dye once and she got splotchy apricot colored hair. I've never had a problem.

Hi Ladawn, thanks for the tips. I wonder if I can re-use an applicator bottle from one of the boxes I have. I just poured it on my head straight from a cup. Lot's of potential for disater!