Thursday, April 16, 2009

Connected Again

Yay! My internet is back! I feel whole again. :) Do you think I am addicted? A Qwest technician called me after lunch and informed me that the phone line for my whole neighborhood had been damaged by the road grading activity on the road near me. The damage was fixed he said and I should have a connection now. He didn't bother to go out and check my house specifically and I don't blame him. I suspected that the road grading was the culprit from the beginning. The last time that my internet went down was when the crew was installing a stop light down the street. They had it repaired in 1 day. This time it took 2 days. I'm sure my neighbors with landline phones complained sooner than I did. It would be nice if Qwest could somehow inform its representatives in India that the whole neighborhood line was down so that I would not have to waste a half an hour on the phone trying to convince them that it wasn't a modem problem.

2 days without internet...I should get a $2.33 credit but I'm not wasting any more of my time on the phone with Qwest. Every time I have to listen to that annoying automated Qwest guy it makes makes my blood pressure shoot up.

I was able to get my online account set up correctly. That only took 3 Qwest representives, 2 live chats, and 2 phone calls. But I can see my Qwest bill and my Verizon bill together now so I feel better. The first combined bill was high, over $100 which made me wonder what was going on. Turns out that because Qwest and Verizon were on different billing cycles, my Verizon charge was for a month and a half. I am certainly glad I have enough money in my account to cover it.

I'm glad that I have internet again. Now I can catch up on my blog-reading instead of watching bad TV and eating too much ice cream.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Any longer, and you might have become addicted to bad TV instead. The ice cream may just be a side addiction. I don't see why you couldn't combine it with the internet addiction, and not just let it be an exclusive part of the TV addiction. Unless it is the only thing that makes the TV bearable.

Daizy said...

I just need more practice eating ice cream and typing. I'm sure it is a skill I can learn if I keep trying.

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Root bear floats + straw = hands free for the keyboard :P

Res said...

Woot! for restored internet connection. Mine was screwy for about a week at one point, the company gave me a free month. I can't afford to go without web access, my biz is internet based.
BTW, not all TV is bad...Hell's Kitchen is pretty bad-ass.

Daizy said...

Res, that's cool that you got a free month but bad for your business. Hell's Kitchen is good. I only watch it as a fall-back though. There is something else on, can't remember what I watch...probably Bones. I just recently got in to it.