Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another day without internet

I took my computer modem for a walk this morning so that I could try it out at the phone pedestal outside my house before I called Qwest. They always ask those annoying questions like "Did you turn the power off and on?" and like to threaten with an extra charge if it is a problem with my house wiring. I didn't have any luck at the pedestal so when I got to work I called customer service. I wasn't sure what my internet only phone number was so I gave her the numbers that I found on my online account. Turns out those numbers were old. 20 minutes later she figured out what my current internet-only number is. It would be nice if Qwest updated my online account once in a while. I sent them an email request.

After 32 minutes I finally convinced the customer service person (who was reading her script very well and I am guessing, from a region in or near India) to send out a technician. She wanted me to go home and make sure my modem wasn't the recalled model on her list before she would schedule an appointment. That would have delayed the technician for another day. Luckily I was able to find a modem on ebay that looked like mine so that I could tell her what kind I had. The soonest appointment she could give me is tomorrow so unless my internet is magically fixed when I go home today, I will be internet-less again tonight. This is so annoying.

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