Friday, January 23, 2009

Where Are The Perks?

There were no free address labels from my insurance agent last year. There was no magnetic calendar from my realtor. No fancy cards and stickers from the non-profit groups to solicit donations. I miss them. Didn't anyone plan for the lean times? Perhaps they didn't expect the lean times to last so long. I suppose I can address my own envelopes and print out a calendar for myself but it's not the same. I miss those little gestures of appreciation.

I already follow a strict budget so I haven't had to cut back significantly. I carpool and don't have cable. The next cut would be internet(eek!). Maybe food and telephone could be trimmed. That would be a last resort in case I lost my job or something. Hopefully I won't be forced to do that. So, I'll just stick to my plan and watch the mail for address labels. That's when I'll know things are looking up again.


Jacob said...

My wife got some address stickers from Ford along with an offer to trade in the car for a new one.

Disclosure: I'm not investing in F :-D

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Same thing here. All the little freebies are scarce. Also, the candy bowl at work is full of those hard candies that resemble cough drops.

Anonymous said...

haha, that's cute. Working in the NP sector, all we hear are big complaints about the address labels. People constantly telling me that they can paper their walls with them, they have so many. In my former job, address labels and xmas cards are still being sent, although they are only sent during certain times.

Over the cubicle wall - haha, that's so funny!

Sharon S said...

Hi there-oh, so even these are being cut back!! Have a lovely weekend my dear!

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Sponser a polar bear with the WWFN and get two birthday type cards with polar bear phots on the front and an actually fluuffy wuffy polar bear!

Anonymous said...

Australia is also now in the same boat as you guys. My work is going to 4 days a week and apparently they are starting to lay off admin staff this week - thankfully my DH has a secure position (well as secure as you can get in these times). I wish you all the best in keeping your job:) ps..I have a magnetic realestate calendar I got in the mail, although my DH didn't get a single Chrissy pressie from any of the businesses that he had the previous years (I'm talking roughly 30 gifts)! So it's showing here also. Courtney.

Daizy said...

Jacob, those would be very expensive stickers if you took them up on the offer. I'm sure you resisted.

Over the Cubicle Wall, maybe you'll get better candy soon. Valentines day is just around the corner.

Saver Queen, I love the address labels. The cards and trinkets just make me feel guilty.

Daizy said...

Hi Sharon Rose, hope you have a lovely weekend too!

Hey Lizzie, throw in some polar bear address labels and I'll sign up today.

Courtney, not one present out of 30? Not even a card? Wow. I guess they were just happy to still be in business.