Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Little Rant

I have been holding on to the idea that my old tenants were just uneducated, bad with money, and addicted to their bad habits. I truly wanted to believe that their actions were not malicious. I got a call today from my current tenant saying that a note was left on the door for the homeowner to call Mr. W. I recognised the name as my tenant's roommate's husband. I called the number and talked to Mrs. W. She wanted to know if I still had her belongings and if she could get them back. This is the roommate that the tenants accused of stealing $3,000 which they were going to use to move to a new house. She says that they demanded that she pay $2100 for the new house and when she couldn't, they locked her out. Anyway, since she didn't owe me any money and most of her belongings were clothes and pictures, sentimental things that I didn't want to just throw away, I ran home at lunch and gathered her things to return them to her for a small storage fee.

When we met up (in a public spot) she was disappointed that some things were missing. I think my tenants helped themselves to some of her sports collectibles. She was glad to get her pictures and other mementos though. Then she said that the tenants were always bashing me but I seemed nice when she talked to me on the phone. Really, I said. What did they say? She said that they thought it was terrible that I was kicking them out because I had a new tenant who would pay more money (even though they knew the house wasn't available Jan. and Feb. from the beginning and it was a month to month lease) and that they were laughing that they weren't paying rent anymore. So, they made up that whole story about being in a program that would help pay their rent. I feel very stupid for believing them. I am SO glad that I didn't let them stay. I had no idea that one neighbor was afraid of them and the other neighbor was annoyed at their loud fights and constant visitors. Or that they were smoking cigarettes, cigars and illegal substances in the house, letting their dogs pee on the carpet and taking in roommates.

Ok, I have that off my chest. I sent out the letter saying they have 10 days to claim their junk. When it comes back undeliverable (because they probably didn't move to the place they said they did) I will get rid of their stuff and the memories of them as well. Now, back to my happy thoughts :)


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

It's not stupid to believe the best in people. These particular people just turned out to not deserve what you tried to help them with by believing them. It doesn't seem like there was any way you could have known that beforehand for sure though.

I think you are right though. When it is finally over, forget about them and move on.

Daizy said...

Over the cubicle wall, you are right. I don't want to stop believing in people. I'll just be a little more guarded next time.

The Zoo, at least the fishies escaped to a better home. Who knows what will become of the children and dogs.

Money Minder said...

Hopefully your new tenants will be great and your experience with them will help to restore your faith in people.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty repulsive, isn't it? But like I said before, you have a good attitude and that will get you through a lot.

Anonymous said...

It's really sad that you had to experience this. I hate when we think the best of people and they ruin our faith in that way. I'm sure the new tenants will be great and you'll have much better experiences in the future.

Daizy said...

Money Minder, 4 days and no complaints from the new tenants. I know they will take care of the house because they did last year. Too bad they aren't staying longer.

Saver Queen, thanks. As time goes by the bad memory will go away. I'm forgetting about them already :)

livingmyrichlife, it was a difficult, expensive and memorable lesson. I'll never forget it and next time will be much better.

moocifer said...

I'll bet constant visitors= "party friends" and drug customers.

Which normal adults do you know who has time to have "constant visitors" at home as an adult?

Maybe in the future it might be worthwhile to have an occasional check-in call with neighbors to make sure things at the house are ok, just like it's worthwhile to make an excuse to go by the house every few months to check on maintenance stuff.

Daizy said...

Yes, bugbear, if I had asked to see the house sooner I would have known something was up. I thought no news was good news. Ha ha...definitely not!

Anonymous said...

Well, that was nice you brought Mrs. W's stuff. Too bad she lost some of her cherished belongings.

And I am sorry you experienced such dissaray! We always want to believe the best in people. I would believe in helping someone out, too. Its unfortunate there are people who take advantage of the good people in the world.

I am glad to hear your new tenants are doing good and you are getting back to some normalcy. :)

Warm regards.