Sunday, November 16, 2008

Relaxing Weekend...No Money Spent

It was a nice relaxing weekend. I stayed away from all of the stores (including the online ones). The weather was sunny and 75F but very windy. It was my last free weekend for a while because I'll be visiting my family, where the weather is cold, for Thanksgiving. I was inspired by Lizzie's list of chores for the weekend and did some cleaning of my own. Also, my neighbor wanted to see my RV so that was double motivation. This is the cleanest it has been in a while. I took pictures because it won't stay this clean very long.

And I added some highlights to the motorcycle tank. I'm a little happier with it so I will give it back to the owner tomorrow and hope I never see it again (except for on his motorcycle).

This is what it looked like before...

It's interesting to see how different the colors look outside.

I have to try to adjust my attitude this week or else I will just watch the clock for 5 days until my vacation starts. There must be something to look forward to this week besides Friday. I'll keep thinking and maybe I'll come up with something.


Lucy said...

I think the final version came out great--good job!

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

There is nothing like visitors to motivate you to do some extra cleaning :)

Things to look forward to:

Monday commemorates the beginning of the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia.

Tuesday is Latvian Independence Day

Wednesday is World Toilet Day (sounds awful)

Thursday is the Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution

Friday is World Hello Day

Sharon S said...

Hi there-your RV looks lovely and cosy, well done for a productive weekend!

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I was just thinking how cozy it looked too. really nice. I did do my chores but not the window cleaning- there is always next week!
Nope, looking forward to a holiday (vacation, ha, I learn...slowly) in advance is a good thing. Expectation is half of the pleasure!
Enjoy your week and your hols.

Daizy said...

Thanks frugalchick. I am very critical of it but then I know where every flaw is.

over the cubicle, I like this new clean look. I should have people over more often!
-I had not heard of the Velvet Revolution before. I learned something new. (I looked it up on wikipedia) I was in Czechoslovakia in 1992. I had no idea they had only been independant since 1989.
-I don't know where Latvia is, somewhere around Russia?
-I was planning a post on toilets, perhaps Wednesday would be a good day for it.
-Our Mexico office took today off instead of Thursday so I knew about Revolution Day. It was very quiet at work today.
-Friday will be the day I say 'hello' to my vacation!

Daizy said...

It is quite cozy, sharon rose. If I move back to my house I will get lost in all the space. I think I like my little RV better.

Hi lizzie, I must admit I didn't clean the windows or all of the mirrors either. There are just too many of them. And actually, my vacation includes 2 holidays! I am using 3 vacation days for mon, tues, wed, and then thurs, and fri. are company holidays. Are you even more confused?

Anonymous said...

Hi Daizy,
I found your blog today and love it! We have a lot in common, I am also downsizing my life and working on becoming financially independent. I just bought a mobile home and will rent out my current house (same story with bad RE market here). The poplar tree I grew from a stick is doing quite well too, can't say the same for the veggies.
I will keep coming back here to read about the progress of your shed home.

Daizy said...

Welcome AlexK, glad to meet another person in pursuit of financial freedom. I wish I had enough water to grow more poplar sticks out here but I've given up and embraced the cactus. Hopefully the poplar at my rental house is still going strong. What state are you in? My poplar is from Oregon and I've shared it with people in Washington and California so even if it dies it will live on. Do you have land for your mobile home or is it on the same piece of property as your house?

Good luck with your plan and thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Daizy,
I am in Reno, NV. My mobile came with about 0.1 acres of land. My goal is to have it paid off in 5 years but I think I will do it much quicker than that. I ordered my poplar cutting on the internet, can't remember which state since it was 3 years ago.