Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Voting Plan Didn't Work Out

I sent in my request for an early ballot about a month ago. Then I waited and waited. I lost track of time and all of a sudden it was time to vote but my mail in ballot never showed up. I called the voting office and they said I could vote at a polling place but I had to fill out an extra form to make sure I wasn't voting twice.

Today my coworkers were telling me that they got up early and went to their polling places at 6am. That's too early for me. And still they waited 30-60 minutes to vote. They teased me that by waiting until after work I would be waiting for hours. I didn't think it would really take that long because when I voted the last time I was the only one there. Plus I thought that many people would go in the morning because they thought it would be crowded at night. It really depends on the polling place. So, it drove in to the parking lot of the school to vote tonight and there were a lot of cars. I was prepared for a long wait but when I got to the library there was only one guy ahead of me and 2 poll workers so I just walked right in. I did have to fill out an extra form but it only wanted basic information. What took the longest was filling in all of the little circles. I was in and out in 10 minutes with my little sticker.

Next time I will try requesting a mail in ballot but I will call them if I haven't received it in a week. The poll worker said a lot of people didn't get theirs. Oh, and all of those cars in the parking lot were there for the football game!


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Lines were thin over here too once it got past the morning.

Daizy said...

Thank goodness for morning people!