Friday, October 17, 2008

The Shed Might Actually Be Mine

Who knew that it would be this much trouble to buy a second-hand pre-built shed. Next time I buy a shed I will know all of the right people to call the first time.

So, I called the tow truck driver back and he seemed a little disappointed that I still wanted him to tow the shed. He said he would go out to see the shed but he never called back. I decided to call the guy that the seller had mentioned. He was refreshingly optimistic. All he does is shed relocation so he is an expert. I told him about my rocky dirt road and he said it wouldn't be a problem. He charges $250 plus $3 per mile. It should come to $325 plus the $900 shed = $1,225. Still a better deal than building my own I believe.

The shed mover guy said that he is only allowed to move wide loads during the daytime Mon-Fri and he needs a permit so I have to give him 2 days advance notice. That means I won't get my shed until the end of next week. And I need to leave work early to be there when he shows up so I can pay him or he won't give me my shed.

Progress is being made so my next chore is to clear a spot for the shed. I think I know where I want it to go...about 30ft from my RV but still close enough to connect it to the septic system if/when I turn it in to my shed house. There's some cactus that needs to be cleared and relocated. I almost want to sleep in my shed when it gets here. It's like my clubhouse. But it doesn't have any windows and I'd have to sleep on the floor so I won't be sleeping in it right now. Maybe some day.


Sharon S said...

Hi there-you are getting there!! Fingers crossed, this time next week, it will be there for you!!

Daizy said...

I hope so. I am a little nervous about handing over that much cash without being able to take the shed home with me immediately. Too big to put in my truck though.