Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shed-House Dreams

Since the county has squashed my shipping container-house dreams, I have moved on to my (hopefully soon-to-be) shed. I was being bad this morning. I spent a little bit of time designing my shed-house.

I love making floor plans for tiny houses to see how small they could be and still be functional. I managed to fit everything in that I wanted with a loft bed above. The toilet isn't in a very nice place. My other option was to make it a combined toilet/shower like they have on trains. I don't know if I will every live in my shed-house but it looks like it would be cozy.

Then the tow truck driver called. He was laughing. It is very bad when a tow truck driver laughs. That means he is looking at something that is so awful it is funny. The awful thing was my road.

Do you remember my road? This is the same road I was hoping someone else would fix. Well, no one did. The tow truck driver said that the dips in the road were too deep and he would have to have helpers come out with him and put wood across the dips so that the truck didn't get stuck. And then he told me the price to tow the shed would be double. Great. Then he had the audacity to say 'why don't you just build a shed?' I was very discouraged but if I compare the cost of this shed with shipping, $1,400, to the cost of a shed kit from Home Depot, $1,800, I still come out ahead and I don't have to assemble it myself. Then I told the tow truck driver where the shed was located so he could see how hard it would be to load it. I also called the local self-storage company to check out the prices. She didn't have any 10x12 units but she had a 10x15 for $115 a month. Ouch. One year of storage equals the price of my shed. I'd rather have the shed.

After work I drove out to see the shed myself. It was getting dark and I couldn't see the street signs or address numbers so I had to turn around 3 times before I found the house. It was on a slight hill (bad for tow trucks) and the shed was behind a big above-the-ground pool. Hmmm...someone needs to take the pool down. I hope it isn't me. I went in the shed and shut the door. No light at all except from the vents. It is a very nice shed, well built and tall. I could picture my shed-house floorplan with loft. I reeeeeally want it.

Tomorrow the tow truck driver will tell me if he will accept the job or not and hopefully he won't raise the price again (slim chance of that). I hope it all works out and I get my shed soon. Probably not this weekend, but soon.


Sharon S said...

Hi there-best of luck, this sounds an ideal solution for you if you can overcome the hurdles!!

Sallie's Niece said...

Have you seen the Tiny House blog? It has a lot of cool ideas.

Anonymous said...

This is really interesting. I just recently started thinking of making a shed house and now you're writing about one. I'll be staying tuned.

judilyn said...

I recommend the Tiny Houses list, too, at

I have gotten many good ideas from there. Here are some URL's for tiny houses.

Let me know if you want more places to look. ;->

Virtual hugs,


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Hey there Daizy,

What software are you using to draw your plans?

Daizy said...

Hello sharon rose, yes...many hurdles. I am getting tired of jumping but I think I can see the finish line now.

Thanks for all the links sallie's niece and judilyn. I hadn't seen the tiny house blog. Very interesting. I'm sure I will get some ideas.

Well, tightfistedmiser, you might have to stay tuned for a very long time. First the shed will be for storage while I attempt to renovate my mobile home to rent out. Then on to the shed project...of course then I will need a shed for my shed so I have somewhere to put my stuff :)

overthecubiclewall, I'm using autocad. I have it at work and at home.

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Thanks. The last time I used AutoCad, it was on release 14 (been awhile). We use Microstation at work now, but I don't have a home license. I was hoping you knew of a good 'frugal-ware' CAD program.